Tone your Legs with These Simple Exercises


Simple Outer and Inner Thigh Exercises for Toned Legs

The inner and outer thigh areas are the most stubborn when it comes to burning away fat and safely building muscle. Using exercises that are specifically designed for the thighs is the best way to reduce fat and strengthen muscle at the same time. If your workout for the day is solely working the thighs, make sure that warm-up exercises and stretches are completed first. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the thigh area are some of the most sensitive in the body.

Flamingo Balance


The flamingo balance exercise stretches the body while gaining muscle strength. Muscle strength is not always gained by using weights or moving the muscles. This is an ideal opening exercise for a thigh muscle workout as it works the entire thigh. Use light dumbbells for this exercise to increase the impact.

Put one hand on your hip and raise the other hand even with your forehead, keeping the arm bent at the elbow. Lean forward and lift the leg on the side that you kept a hand on your hip. Curl the bicep on the free arm and hold the position for 10 seconds. Complete this in reps of 12 per leg.

Polymetric Squats


This is a very simple exercise that is ideal for working the inner thigh area. Complete 25 squats without taking a break. What you will do here is square the legs with your hip plates. Place your arms in front of you with balled fists facing upward at the mid-chest area. Keeping your back straight, lower your body down until you reach the position you’d be in when sitting in a chair. Hold the position for 3 seconds and raise the body back up.

Weighted Lunges


Use weights that strap around the ankles for this thigh exercise. This is designed to work the inner thighs. Keep the weights to a minimum of roughly 10 pounds. Stretch your legs as far as you can but remain comfortable. You should feel a slight pull, but it should not be painful. Lunge forward and lower your body to put a bit of pressure on the thigh area.

Push your body up with the back leg and follow through with that leg for another lunge. Complete a total of 10 lunges per leg and then take a short, 60-second rest period before moving forward on another set.

Pickup Squats

Pickup squats are a low-impact option that helps build muscle in the thighs and calves. Set two small dumbbells in front of you. For most, 10-pound dumbbells are ideal. With this exercise, square up your body so that the dumbbells are directly in front of your toes to prevent further straining of the low-back muscles. Lower the body, squared the arms off, and pick up the dumbbells. Lower the body again and return the weights to an upward standing position on the floor.

Kick Stretches


For this exercise, you’ll need a dining chair. Make sure your body position is correct with your shoulder blades relaxed. Stand on the ball of one foot and lift the opposite foot, crossing the raised leg. Use a swinging motion to kick the rested leg outward and bring it back to square the body. Do this with each leg 10 times in an alternating rotation.

Using multiple thigh exercises also benefit your lower abdominal and lower back muscles. It helps build strength in the calves as well. While relaxing before bed at night, consider working for a few weighted leg circles. Strap 5 pound weights on your ankles and lift your legs at least 24-inches. Complete sets of 15 circles per leg and do not complete more than three reps in a single day.