Build your Own Home Gym That You Can Afford

Many people are interested in building a home gym. If you are one of them, there are only two things you need to take into consideration; the amount of money you are willing to spend and space available in your home.

The space you have, the money you have, significantly affects what kind of home gym you can build. You don’t need even a single machine to workout at home. Not lots of space either. You can still bulk up, lose weight or just be fit with a few tools.

You can start a home gym even with a single pair of dumbbells. You don’t need to have all the equipment at once. The trick is to keep saving money so you can keep buying stuff now and then. The best way is to save money and whenever there is some kind of discount offered or garage sale, buy from there. You can buy the right things from there at lower prices.

Now, depending on the money you can spend and the space available, here are some suggestions for you:

Budget Home Gym

You can exercise at home without the help of any equipment at all. Those tools are to aid you on your way to a fit lifestyle, but they are not a necessity. You can still lose weight, bulk up or increase strength with exercises using your own weight.

People that have tight budget and space problem can go for this option. It is a good choice as you can take your gym with you wherever you go.

Here is some equipment for this type of gym:

Suspension Trainer

This equipment is a great addition to your home gym because it can be taken with you wherever you go. This means you can perform all your exercises, wherever you want. You can perform exercises like leg curls and chin-ups using it indoors with a beam.

Power Tower

You don’t need a power tower if you already have a suspension trainer and can secure it somewhere sturdy. Although, it does have some benefits if you decide to buy it. Power tower provides more variety and a better option for performing dips and pull-ups.

Home Gym with Free-Weight

Free-weight is a must for any gym. They don’t cost much and could be used to carry out various kinds of exercises. If you want to buy free-weight, then the best option is to purchase a set of dumbbells. You can go with regular dumbbells too, but the better option will be to go for adjustable ones.

Adjustable dumbbells like from PowerBlock, lets you increase the weight as you become stronger. This saves you from buying new equipment every time you get stronger. They’re compact and can be easily placed in a closet or under a bed. You don’t even need much space to use them. Simply a place where you can extend your both hands and lie down is enough.

You can purchase some extra stuff that goes well with your dumbbells set. You can buy an old compact stand to keep your dumbbells in a proper place. You really don’t need a stand to keep dumbbells, but it becomes easier to perform exercise and leave dumbbells in a proper place. If you can find a cheap stand, then buy one.

You can also buy an expansion set for your dumbbells, so you always have enough weight lying around for more intense training.

An adjustable bench would be a great addition to your home gym, and it increases the number of workouts you can do with dumbbells. You can go for a simple bench or go for an adjustable one which can be inclined or folded to save space.

With space and budget problems? Don’t worry! A home gym is your solution. It’ll not only save your money and space, but you’ll also get to perform almost all the exercises that you can do with a power rack. Check out these home gym reviews of 2016 here!

Home Gym For Serious Bodybuilders

If you have enough money to spend on your home gym, then you can build a home gym with the proper equipment to have a variety of workouts. Get a pair of adjustable dumbbells and buy a barbell set as well. When purchasing a barbell set, it is better to purchase a complete set like those with 300-pound sets. This way it is cheaper, and you will get good quality weights.

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