Follow David Beckham Workout Routine to Stay Fit


Workout Routine for Ripped Abs

David Beckham was born May 1975 in London, England. He is one of the world’s most famous English soccer players. He is popular for his phenomenal soccer skills and great muscular physique. Beckham has an extreme exercise program that involves a combo of running and sprinting.

Workout Routine


Off the field, his exercises are made for those with a lion heart. His workout technique has been created by LA Galaxy’s fitness coach Chris Neville. David’s exercise routine includes several kinds of outdoor and indoor exercises. They include a fusion of body mass index circuit training, conditioning and Stamina workouts at extreme levels with short breaks alongside a beneficial, healthy diet.

Additionally, other exercises are cardiovascular training, weight lifting, abdominal and agility workouts. These exercises are very important for soccer players, they must have strong joints, and bones to avoid serious injury. Furthermore strong joints help produce an exceptional performance on the field. David Beckham also does other special drills to improve his speed and swiftness. His special training is known as a plyometric routine. Beckham does not perform a high level of weight lifting.

David prefers full body workouts and drills, over single body part exercises. His training centers on improving the heart rate. One of his cardiovascular drills is comprised of running 5 minutes with his heart rate at 85 percent with a 4 minute pause and concludes with two more sets. Beckham then changes the drill by running 15 minutes at a 95 percent heart rate, then rests 1 minute, and performs the last 2 sets after the break. He also runs a 60 yard sprint, turns back and ends at the starting point with a 1 minute workout. David is able to complete between 8 to 10 sets easily.

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How to Stay Fit Like a Celebrity


Look and Feel Like a Celebrity

We idolize celebrities. We see them on the big screen and admire every move they make. From the way they own the red carpet to the hard work and hours, they put in the gym to keep their bodies in tip top shape. But, we can look and feel like a celebrity also, without the constant running from the paparazzi. How do we get rock hard abs like Matthew McConaughey? How do get awesome body tone like Jennifer Aniston? Here are some quick tips to help you own your own red carpet:

Eat with moderation

Looking like a celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t eat! Eat in moderation and eat slowly to slow down your metabolism. You can still have sweet things, but substitute it with your favorite fruit chilled for an extra cool treat during the hot months.

Get Moving!

Remain active! Keep your heart rates up by going for a peaceful jog or take a nice easy stroll in your neighborhood park. Feel free to bring your furry friend with you to take in the scenery.


Looking to work on those problem areas? Hit the gym and ask advice from a trainer. Target the exercises that help you feel the burn. Want rock hard abs or beautiful legs? A trainer can point you in the direction of looking fabulous.

Losing Weight is Must: Reason


An Issue that Cannot Weight

We live in a world of indulgence and convenience. We can have whatever our heart desires with just one click of a mouse. Although this idea sounds great, there are consequences to such power. The same convenience has been given to our food. It seems that every direction we turn our heads, a fast food restaurant will be in our sights. And if our stomachs are growling, chances are we will be walking in and ordering an unhealthy meal. The meals may be scrumptious, but they are packed with processed ingredients and additives. Eating at these “food traps” is fine once in a while. But, too many trips to your local unhealthy spot can put you in a world of hurt and extra pounds to boot. We must maintain our weight to improve our health and quality of life.

Maintaining or losing weight will change the way we live our lives. An active body will be able to sustain energy for our busy schedules. If we are overweight, your body will work harder to do simple and mundane tasks. This will increase your level of fatigue and our drive to remain active. Our bone structures will not be able to support the extra weight and can increase the possibility of injury. Also, our hearts will need to work harder and faster to maintain the blood flow throughout the body. This “extra” work can increase the chances of heart disease and cardiac arrest. This could lead to a short life expectancy and affect the lives of our loved ones. For that reason alone, losing weight should be a priority.